Retort Room Automation

The process of automating your retort room can help you build in efficiences in the workplace. Fully automated retort rooms can run with as little as two employees. Allpax offers retort room automation products that help in getting you to this efficient state.

These turnkey retort room automation systems consist of retort can loaders for cans, jars & bottles, retort pouch loaders for staging help, retort container loader for fragile products, retort SHUTTLE for basket transportation, retort AIR DRONE for basket transportation, retort ergo loader to load and unload the retort baskets as well as totally custom material and container handling solutions.

Custom Container/Material Handling

You receive services that include mechanical, electrical, and software design capabilities.

Ergo Loader

Removes the operator from the position of pushing / pulling heavy baskets to load / unload retort.

Retort Drones

Allpax Retort Drones are built to accomplish retort basket transports efficiently.

Retort Shuttles

Transports baskets into, and out of, the retort safely and efficiently.

Fragile Container Loaders

These loaders consolidate, stage, and move fragile container to racking systems for retorting.

Pouch Loaders

Controls pouches from filler, then stages pouches into the most efficient pattern for consolidation.

Can Loaders

Automated sweep loaders for retorts using square and rectangular baskets.

Robotic Solutions

Allpax Robotic Solutions are used in place of gantry style loaders or unloaders.