Energy Recovery

If your retorts vent steam into the atmosphere, Allpax steam recovery systems convert this unutilized energy into usable hot water without disturbing the FDA/USDA vent requirements for thermal processing. This sustainability solution generates significant energy savings and helps the environment by cutting plant emissions.

Allpax turnkey integrated water recovery systems for both new and existing retort installations provide an engineered seamless solution tailored to redeploy discharge water from the retort for reuse in the plant for both heating and cooling applications. The system is managed by the Allpax retort controller with built in flexibility and a separate HMI to select the parameters that provide the most efficient water conservation model for the plant’s needs.

Retorts consume large amounts of water during the cooling phase. Allpax can provide custom solutions. Allpax will assist in determining effective solutions to reclaim vented steam and cooling water dramatically reducing your utility costs.


  • Allpax custom designs energy recovery systems to fit plant needs
  • PLC controls and graphic HMI screens capture the critical variables
  • Allpax Recovery Systems can be remotely monitored to provide real-time data
  • Allpax Energy Recovery products facilitate LEED certification initiatives and ISO 50000 Energy Management Systems
  • Allpax custom designs provide turn-key retort room integration