About Us

INOX Australia is a company based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 1998, INOX has provided the Australian, New Zealand and South East AsiaN food industry with innovative food processing equipment and solutions to MIX, COOK, COOL and improve the quality and shelf-life of many food products.

Visit our website www.inox.com.au to learn more about the company.

With over 20 years of retort installations around Australia, INOX has achieved well-earned experience and knowledge in this area of food processing.

Representing ALLPAX of USA, not only can we offer our customers a world-renowned knowledge-base, our ability is now further enhanced to include materials-handling systems to further automate retort facilities with shuttle, robotic, and a range of materialS-handling options from ALLPAX.

Welcome to our specialised website www.retorts.com.au which we have designed, to give you a thorough understanding and knowledge centre, to inform our customers of the equipment and processes used in this important area of food processing.